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Custom DNS

Use our name servers to set a variety of custom DNS records for your domain name. Use IPv4 and IPv6 records, and any combination of URL forwarding, e-mail forwarding, and dynamic DNS. By using a redundant database backend, changes to our name servers are available within seconds.

WHOIS Privacy

Whois Privacy helps prevent people from accessing public information about your name, e-mail address, phone number, and postal address from domain name registration records. We include Whois Privacy at no extra cost. You can even choose which information gets hidden and which information is public.

URL & Email Forwarding

Use e-mail forwarding to set up a custom e-mail address and forward mail to an e-mail address you're already using. E-mail forwarding gives you the best of two worlds: a professional-looking custom email address and the ability to use a popular e-mail interface that you're already familiar with.

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS allows you to assign your home network to a domain name, and then constantly update the mapping automatically for you when your IP changes with your Internet service provider. If you're running a home server, home automation, or just need to provide stable remote access to your home network, dynamic DNS has you covered.


We protect your account with two-factor authentication, and protect your domains with two levels of transfer prevention. Set any domain to automatically refuse any transfer requests we receive for a domain name, or if you want more security, lock a domain to prevent transfers and changes to the name servers and contact information.