Contacts on Accounts and Domains

The Account Contact owns the account with us. Each account has a single Account Contact and we only provide logins to the Account Contact. The Account Contact manages the account and renew domains. In many cases, the Account Contact owns the domains on the account. However, a designer may own an account while their clients own the domains.

Taxes are based on the location of the Account Contact. Content created in Weebly belongs to the Account Contact.

Each domain has a Registrant Contact, an Administrative Contact, a Technical Contact, and a Billing Contact. All of these contacts are often the same, but they can be different.

All contacts receive renewal notices for domains. So if you want multiple people to be notified of upcoming renewals, you can set them as the Administrative, Technical, or Billing Contacts.

The Registrant Contact is the owner of a domain. The Registrant Contact has complete authority over the domain. Changes to the contact information on domains need to be approved by the Registrant Contact.

We do not currently provide logins for the Registrant Contact, only the Account Contact. We recommend getting in touch with the Account Contact to request changes. If the Account Contact is unable or unwilling to help, contact us and we can help set up the domain on a new account owned by the Registrant Contact.

The Administrative Contact is allowed to approve transfers between registrars. We do not provide logins for Administrative Contacts.

The Technical Contact and Billing Contact receive renewal notices, but have no logins or authority over domains.