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Exporting Authenticator Setups

If you use Google Authenticator, you can export two-factor authentication setups. You can use this feature if you want to use two-factor authentication on multiple devices or if you want to get a recovery QR code after two-factor authentication is already set up. You can follow these steps to export the setup:

Where to tap in Authenticator
  1. Launch Authenticator
  2. Tap in the top menu
  3. Select Export accounts
  4. Select Continue
  5. The default setting is to export every code on the device. If you want to skip some codes, uncheck them
  6. Select Export
  7. You can scan the QR code on another device, or you can take a screenshot of the QR code.
  8. After scanning or taking a screenshot, select Next
  9. If you want the codes on multiple devices or want a recovery code, select to Keep all exported accounts
    If you are getting ready to replace your device, select Remove all exported accounts
  10. Select Done. If you are removing accounts, you will be prompted to confirm the removal