Verifying .CN Domains

The registry for .CN domains requires registrars to verify the name and identity of the Registrant (Owner) of any .CN domains. Verification must be completed before .CN domains can be renewed. If the verification is not completed, it will not be possible to renew the .CN domain.

The person in the Name field for the Registrant (Owner) must provide us with a copy of a Resident Identity Card (for natural citizens of the People’s Republic of China) or valid passport (for everyone else).

If a Registrant Organization is set, the contact must provide us with a copy of a business license or another organization certificate issued by a government authority. If the document is more than one page, only the first page needs to be submitted. The document must contain the full name of the organization, and it must be an exact match for the Registrant Organization.

The file or files must be in .jpg format with a minimum file size of 100 kB. The maximum file size is 1 MB.

Please contact us for information on providing the file(s).