Using PairSSL with Weebly

If you want your Weebly site to be secure, purchasing an SSL certificate is easy. 

If you are registering a new domain, select the domain(s), check the SSL Certificate and Weebly Site Builder boxes, choose the certificate and Weebly options, and then Proceed to Checkout. After completing the checkout, use the Click here link to set up your new certificate.

If you already have a Weebly site, you can follow these steps to order a certificate:

  1. Log into the Domain Name Management System
  2. Select SSL Certificates from the drop-down navigation menu
  3. Select the domain and click Add Certificate
  4. Select the type of certificate you want, and click Proceed to Checkout
  5. Enter payment information, read and agree to the Domain Name Registration Agreement, and click Pay Now
  6. Use the Click here link to set up your new certificate 

Setting Up a Certificate

Setting up the certificate for a Weebly site is almost entirely automatic. We take care of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and the Domain Control Validation (DCV), so you just need to select the domain and order:

  1. Under Certificate Purpose, select I want to use this cert with my Weebly site at Pair Domains, select the domain, and click Submit
  2. Under Key Generation and DCV Selection, you can just click Submit
  3. Click Order
  4. Within ten minutes, you should receive an email from us confirming that the certificate has been installed, and your Weebly site is now secure

Additional Information

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a file that contains information that is used when generating an SSL certificate. It will contain information about the domain name and a public key that is used to encrypt information. When adding SSL to a Weebly site, we automatically generate the CSR. For security reasons, we delete our copy of the private key 30 days after the certificate is issued.

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is used to make sure that the request for a certificate comes from an authorized administrator of a domain. When adding SSL to a Weebly site, we automatically validate by adding a CNAME record to the domain.

If you later decide that you want to use a different domain for your Weebly site, you can reassign the site and the certificate. Please see our Knowledge Base article on how to reassign a Weebly site and our Knowledge Base article on reassigning SSL certificates.