About Domain Control Validation (DCV)

Domain Control Validation (DCV) is used to make sure that the request for a certificate comes from an authorized administrator of a domain. Validation can be made in one of these ways:

  1. Creating a CNAME record on the domain
  2. Uploading a text file to the website for a domain
  3. Emailing an address on the domain

If you use Pair Domains name servers, we can automatically handle DCV by adding the CNAME record to the domain.

If you use pair.com name servers, we recommend purchasing the certificate directly through the Account Control Center. That will let the validation be completed automatically.

If you host a domain elsewhere, you can manage your own DCV. You can choose the I want to manage my own DCV option, and then specify whether you want to validate by creating a CNAME record, uploading a text file, or emailing a link to validate.

Positive Wildcard certificates can only be validated with a CNAME record or by email. Uploading a file to the website is not an option.