Verifying a Domain with Google

Google requires verification that you own a domain before you can make use of their Search Console. Before starting, check the DNS settings for your domain. If you use our name servers, we can provide help verifying a domain. If you use other name servers, you should contact your web host and/or DNS provider to check what methods of verification they support.

These steps will work if you use our name servers:

  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Go to https://search.google.com/search-console/welcome
  3. Select Domain as the property type
  4. Enter the domain without www. in the front, and select Continue
  5. Google will display some text that starts with “google-site-verification=” and is followed by a string of characters. Copy that text.
  6. Log into our Domain Name Management System
  7. Click the domain to update
  8. Click Domain Address Settings
  9. If Custom DNS is already on for your domain, you can skip this step.
    If you are turning on Custom DNS, read the warning, read it, agree to the Terms of Service, and select Enable
  10. Select TXT from the Add New Record menu
  11. Enter @ as the host name, paste the text from Google into the text field, and select Add Record
  12. Go back to Google and select Verify