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Weebly Site Status

Your web site will be in one of the following statuses:

Active: Your web site is live and viewable to the entire Internet. (*)

Inactive: You may edit your web site using the site builder tools, but nobody will see the changes you make. This is helpful if you are migrating from another host or setting up a new site and do not want anyone to see your site until it is ready. If you are unable to reactivate an inactive site, please verify the site is not expired.

Canceled: Service has been discontinued. It is no longer possible to edit or view the site. Canceled sites will not appear in the management interface. If you wish to resume service, you will need to purchase a new site plan. In some cases, we may be able to recover your old design.

Expired: Your site is past the expiration date and either there was a problem charging your payment source, or you did not have automatic renewal enabled before it expired. Service has been discontinued and it will not be possible to view the site. Service can be restored by clicking the Renew button.

(*) Sometimes, changing a site status may involve updating your DNS settings. When this happens, it may take several hours before your site is viewable to the entire Internet. Browser cache settings may also increase the delay.