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Renewal Bills

Any renewal notices or bills we send will come from an @pairdomains.com, @pairnic.com, or @pair.com e-mail address. If you receive an e-mail from a different source, it is not from us. The e-mail might be a legitimate bill from another provider or it might be a scam. If you need help determining if a bill is legitimate, please contact us.

We only send renewal notices or bills by e-mail. We do not send postal mail for bills. If you received something by postal mail, it is not from us.

Getting Copies of Bills

You can view, print, and e-mail copies of statements for completed orders online:

  1. Log into the Domain Name Management System
  2. Select Statements from the drop-down navigation menu
  3. Click the date of the statement
  4. To e-mail a statement, enter the e-mail address, and click Continue.
    To print a statement, click Printable Statement

If you need an invoice before making a payment, please contact us.