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VAT Policy

If the Registrant Contact for a domain name resides in a country that uses a Value-Added Tax (VAT) system, customers can provide us with a VAT ID.

If a VAT ID is provided, we will not collect VAT and you will be responsible to declare the purchases and pay any applicable taxes.

If a VAT ID is not provided, we must collect the required VAT based on the rate of the country of residence for the Registrant Contact. This rate is based on VAT rates available to us, and may not necessarily reflect the rate that is appropriate for your particular filing status. It is your responsibility to ensure that taxes are paid in full.

where to find preferences in our menuYou can follow these steps to enter or change the VAT ID:

  1. Log into the Domain Name Management System
  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down navigation menu
  3. Click Manage Tax Exemptions
  4. Enter a VAT ID, and click Submit

We are required to verify that VAT IDs are valid. We automatically check VAT IDs using databases from the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union. If we are unable to automatically verify a VAT ID, we will contact you and request verification from your local tax authority.

Our VAT ID for Pair International is NL824093720B01. For B2B transactions, we are a United States company.