Up: Security

Two Factor Authentication

We offer Two Factor Authentication as a way to keep your account more secure.

An account name and the associated password are required to log into an account. Two Factor Authentication adds an extra level of security to the login process. After entering the account name and password, we send a message with a single-use code that needs to be entered to complete the login.

The message can be sent to a TOTP compatible authentication app. There are free TOTP apps like Google Authenticator (for mobile devices) and Authy (for mobile and desktop). Many password managing apps also support TOTP, but it may be a paid option on some.

Alternately, the message can be sent by SMS (text) to a phone number that can receive SMS. Any SMS we send may be subject to messaging fees from your telephone provider.

To turn on Two Factor Authentication, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Domain Name Management System
  2. Select to send the code to a TOTP compatible authentication app, to a phone number associated with the account, or enter a new phone number, and click Enable

If you selected a phone number, we will send an authorization code, and you can enter the code on the next page to enable Two Factor Authentication.

If you selected a TOTP compatible authentication app, we will display a QR code. In the app, you can scan the code to enable Two Factor Authentication.

You may want to print a copy of the QR code and store it in a safe place.

TOTP App Notes

In Google Authenticator, the settings are stored locally on the phone. If you change phones, the settings are not copied to the new phone. If you saved the QR code, you can scan it on the new phone. If you did not save the code, we would need to disable Two Factor Authentication.

LastPass has a guide for setting up Two Factor Authentication. Please note: setting this up requires logging in to LastPass through their website, not the desktop app.

1Password offers TOTP as a Pro Feature. Their support guide has instructions on how to set up it up. After setting it up, you can sign into 1Password on other devices and get the codes. If you replace or loose your phone, you can use 1Password on a different device and still log in.

If You Lose or Replace Your Phone

With SMS authentication, as long as your phone number does not change, you can get the SMS codes. If your new phone has a new number, we will need to disable Two Factor Authentication.

With most TOTP apps, you will not be able to get the codes unless you scan the QR code again. If you printed and saved the code previously, you can rescan it. If you cannot rescan the code or did not scan it into a second device, we will need to disable Two Factor Authentication.

If you 1Password as your TOTP app, you can sign into the app on a new phone and you can get the codes on the new phone.

Disabling Two Factor Authentication

If you can log in, you can disable it from Preferences. If you are not getting the code, we will need to verify with the Registrant to disable Two Factor Authentication. We would want to verify by calling a number that has been previously verified on the account. If that is not possible, please contact us for other options on how to verify that you are authorized to disable Two Factor Authentication.