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E-mail Forwarding

We offer E-mail Forwarding, which allows e-mail sent to your domain to be delivered to mailboxes that you already have. There is no additional cost to use E-mail Forwarding, and you can create as many forwarding addresses as you want to. E-mail will be filtered before it is forwarded.

Please follow these steps to turn on E-mail Forwarding:

  1. Log into the Domain Name Management System
  2. Click the domain to update
  3. Click E-mail Forwarding, Web Site Forwarding, and Custom DNS
  4. Read the warning, agree to the Terms of Service, and click Enable
  5. Click Add E-mail Forwarding
  6. Select and fill in the forwarding information, and click Add Forward
  7. Read the page, and click Return to E-mail Forwarding
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for any additional e-mail forwards

Please note, enabling E-mail Forwarding will cause your name servers to be changed to pair Domains name servers.

The first time a Destination E-mail Address is entered, the address will need to be confirmed before E-mail Forwarding will work. After an address is confirmed, you will not need to confirm it again on the same account.