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Transferring to Us

Before Starting a Transfer

Before starting a transfer, please contact the current registrar. Ask them to unlock the domain and to provide the Transfer Authorization Code. Depending on the registrar, it may be called an authinfo code or EPP code. The code is like an extra password for the domain, and it is needed to complete a transfer. You can only get the code from the current registrar.

You can check your domain in WHOIS to verify if it is unlocked. Look for Status lines. If you see clientUpdateProhibited or clientTransferProhibited, the domain is locked and needs to be unlocked before transferring.

Domains cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of registration. So if you recently registered, please make sure it was registered at least 61 days ago.

Starting a Transfer

You can start a transfer from our homepage or within your account. During the checkout, you will be prompted to enter the Transfer Authorization Code. Entering the code serves as approval of the transfer.

Timeframe for Transfers

After entering the Transfer Authorization Code and completing the checkout, it can take up to six days for the transfer to be completed. We cannot speed up the completion of the transfer. However, the current registrar can complete the transfer more quickly. You can contact the current registrar to ask what options they provide to confirm an outgoing transfer without waiting.

Transferring .UK Domains

The transfer process for .uk, .co.uk, .me.uk, and .org.uk domains is different from other types of domains. Instead of starting the transfer at the new registrar, .uk transfers are started at the current registrar.

Transferring a .uk domain does not renew it, so we do not charge for .uk transfers.

To transfer a .uk, .co.uk, .ltd.uk, .me.uk, or .org.uk domain to Pair Domains, ask the current registrar to initiate a transfer request to the Registrar Tag ID: PAIRNETWORKS. Once the request is made, we will contact you via email to claim the transferred domain.

If you are not sure who your current registrar is, you may check in WHOIS.

Before transferring, you must verify that a valid, working email address is stored in the contact information at your current registrar. We will use this address to contact you to complete the transfer.