Up: Transfers

Changes to Transfer Policies

The board that oversees all domain registrars, The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has adopted more rigorous policies for changing ownership of domains. They adopted these policies to help protect against unauthorized transfers and changes to ownership. We’ll outline what these changes mean to you.

Transfers Between Registrars

Transfers between registrars will still require approval from the Registrant or Admin Contacts, they will still require entering the transfer authorization code (also called EPP code or authinfo code).

Under the new policies, if a transfer is not completed before a domain expires, the transfer will be canceled and the domain will need to be renewed at the current registrar. In the past, it was possible to complete a transfer if the domain expired during the transfer. However, that is no longer possible.

Transfers of Ownership

Changing the ownership of a domain while keeping it with the same registrar is now considered a transfer. This means changing the Registrant Name, Registrant Organization, and/or Registrant E-mail count as transfers. Changing the postal address or phone number do not count as transfers.

You won’t need to enter the transfer authorization code to change the Registrant contact information. However, the current Registrant and the new Registrant will need to approve the changes. When you change the Registrant contact information or when you move domains between accounts, we will e-mail the current Registrant and the new Registrant to verify the changes. The changes won’t take effect until both contacts verify.

If the Current Registrant Can’t Approve Changes

If the Registrant e-mail on an account is out of date, the current Registrant can’t approve changes. However, we can use other methods to get approval from the Registrant. We can contact the Registrant by telephone, fax, or postal mail. However, if all of that information is out of date, we may ask for documentation to verify. Please contact us to discuss options.

Transfer Lock After Transfers

It is not possible to transfer a domains within 60 days of a previous transfer. Since changing ownership is now considered a transfer, you cannot transfer or change ownership within 60 days of a previous transfer or change of ownership.

However, it is possible to opt-out of this 60 day lock. When a domain is transferred, the current Registrant has the option to opt-out of the 60 day lock. The new Registrant is not given this option, and is bound by the decision of the previous Registrant.

Please Note: If we need to verify changes by calling, sending a fax, sending postal mail, or receiving documents, we will automatically opt the domains into the 60 day transfer lock.

Designating pair Domains as an Agent

If you use our Whois Privacy, the e-mail address listed in Whois will change every week. Since this is considered a transfer, the policy would ask us to verify with you two times every week. Instead of making you verify so often, you can designate pair Domains as an Agent to authorize changes to Whois information. This will allow us to change the address in Whois every week, without asking you for approval each time.

Designating pair Domains as an Agent is a requirement to use E-mail Privacy. We will only make changes to the e-mail address for use in Whois Privacy. We will follow standard verification procedures for all other changes to the Registrant Name, Registrant Organization, and/or Registrant E-mail.