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Setting Up Pair Pro Mail in Mac Mail

After you create a mailbox, you can follow these steps to set it up in Mac Mail:

1. Open your Mac’s Mail app

2. In the top navigation bar, click Mail

3. Select Add Account from the drop-down

Where to find the menu option to add an account

4. Select Other Mail Account, then click Continue

Where to find the Other Mail Account... option

5. Enter the following information:

NameThis name will appear next to your address when you send email
Email AddressThis is the email address for the mailbox
PasswordThis is the mailbox password

What the Add a Mail account window looks like

6. Click Sign In

7. Enter the following information:

User NameThis is the email address for the account
Account TypeChoose between IMAP or POP
* IMAP: Email is stored on the server and synced between devices
* POP: Email is stored on the device and not synced between devices
For more information, check out: IMAP vs POP: Which Should You Use?
Incoming Mail ServerIf you chose IMAP, use: imap.pairpromail.com
If you chose POP, use: pop.pairpromail.com
Outgoing Mail Serversmtp.pairpromail.com

What the Email Settings window looks like

8. Click Sign In

9. Select the apps you want to use with the account

Choose Mail and/or Notes

10. Click Done