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Setting Up Pair Pro Mail

Please visit our Knowledge Base article Adding Pair Pro Mail to Your Domain for steps to add Pair Pro Mail. After you add it, you can set up an email client to access your mailbox, or you can use our Webmail page.

Pair Pro Mail Webmail

Setting Up an Email Client

See how to set up Pair Pro Mail in iOS

See how to set up Pair Pro Mail in Mac Mail

See how to set up Pair Pro Mail in Gmail

See how to set up Pair Pro Mail in Outlook

You will need the following information to manually set up an email client:

This is your email address. Use the full address, like mailbox@example.com.

This is the password you set for the mailbox

Choose between IMAP or POP

  • IMAP: Email is stored on the server and synced between devices
  • POP: Email is stored on the device and not synced between devices
  • For more information, check out: IMAP vs POP: Which Should You Use?

Incoming Mail Server / Hostname
If you chose IMAP, use: imap.pairpromail.com
If you chose POP, use: pop.pairpromail.com

Outgoing Mail Server / Hostname

These are the recommended ports for IMAP, POP, and SMTP:
IMAP: 993
POP: 995
SMTP: 465 or 587

Note: Email clients sometimes incorrectly pre-populate email data. We recommend selecting your email client’s manual configuration option and entering your information manually.